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How Much Siding Fits in a Dumpster?

Kurt Anderson • 06/24/2022

If you’re reading this, you’re likely renovating your Atlanta area home siding or had your bid accepted to renovate your customer’s home. This is a very exciting time! But, this can also be very confusing because of all the decisions involved in a remodel. Knowledge is the majority of the battle when it comes to home renovation, and that’s why Bin There Dump That is here to help!

So, how can you tell what size residential dumpster rental you’ll need for all of that siding?

Let’s first take a look at what is available to rent.

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What Size Dumpsters Are Available?

Typically, you want to choose the correct sized dumpster for your siding from the onset of your job. Having the right size on-site will allow you and your crew to dispose of the siding as it’s being removed. The correct size will also negate the need for extra work by eliminating the cutting or folding of the siding to get it into the dumpster.

There are three primary sizes – 10-yard, 15-yard, and 20-yard. It sounds pretty vague so far, right? Let’s break these down into helpful visuals.

  • 10 cubic yards will hold 1 ton and is the equivalent of about five pickup truck loads*
  • 15 cubic yards will hold 5 tons and is the equivalent of about 7-8 pickup truck loads*
  • 20 cubic yards will hold 3 tons and is the equivalent of about ten pickup truck loads*

* Based on a standard pickup truck with a 2 cubic yard bed.

What Size Dumpster Works Most Often for Siding?

In our experience, a 20 cubic yard residential dumpster rental will handle the siding from a small to medium home. This size is best considered when doing a significant home addition or remodel, new home construction, or full window or siding replacements.

While it can be tempting to choose a smaller dumpster to “make it work” by cramming in as much as you can to reduce your dumpster rental cost, this is not a wise decision. The money you saved up front on the small dumpster rental will be eaten up when you inevitably fill it past the top edge and will now have to get a pick-up and re-drop. The driver will not be able to haul off the dumpster if materials are piled higher than the top edge, but if any falls out on your job site, you could potentially be subject to fines.

It truly pays to make the best decision up front in this situation.

Bin There Dump That Will Make Renting Your Dumpster For Your Siding Project As Easy As Possible

Bin There Dump That is the only Residential Friendly dumpster rental in metro Atlanta!

We are the only dumpster rental “Bins” ness that provides:

  • 100% driveway protection!
  • Double Doors on the loading side for easy walk-in loading. No Heavy Lifting over the rim!
  • Post job clean-up!
  • Unique trucks and bins allow us to access locations that no one else can!
  • Bins are designed for driveways!

We are the only dumpster rental company to use specialized trucks that allow us to get into locations that no other company would not even consider! With a width of less than 9’ and clearance of less than 10’, we can get into almost any driveway in Atlanta!

Our dumpsters are clean, green, and Residential Friendly! The bins (dumpsters) are designed not to take up more than the footprint of a minivan, and all dumpsters come with 100% driveway protection! This means the dumpster will never touch the surface; this prevents driveway cracking, scrape marks, and rust stains! Furthermore, we have only dumpsters with double doors on the loading end for easy walk-in loading. No need to lift over the rim! This also helps you make the best of the space by being able to organize when loading easily. We have three convenient sizes to choose from- 10, 15, & 20 cubic yards.

From the moment you call to the time of dumpster removal, our team will provide the best customer service! We make it so easy that you do not need to be home when we deliver or pick up the dumpster! Also, we are the only dumpster rental company that provides a post-job cleanup to remove any items and debris that managed to get under the dumpster. We make it look like a dumpster was never there!

Can you imagine coming home after your siding project is complete to no dumpster, no cracked driveway, and no construction mess in your grass?

We can, and we want to help you make it a reality! Call today for a friendly associate to help you choose the right-sized dumpster for your siding project.

About The Author Kurt Anderson

We have provided clean and green dumpsters to the Metro Atlanta area since 2012 we take great pride in our family first approach. We have lived, grown, and raised our children here in Atlanta, and love being able to work in such a great community. Same-day dumpster delivery and 100% driveway protection are just a couple of the traits that separate this family-owned business from other dumpster providers in Atlanta!



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