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Thursday, 10 January 2019

Why You Should Have A Clean Garage


Storing unused items in the garage may seem like a good idea, until you need to use your garage! Continue reading to see the top five reasons a clean garage is important and get tips and tricks on how to get your garage clean and organized!

Although rain water isn't inherently hard on your car, some elements left behind after the rain has evaporated can be concerning. Dirt, dust and other small particles can be left on your vehicle and cause your car to lose its shine.
 Acid rain is defined as “rainfall made sufficiently acidic by atmospheric pollution.”
Acid rain can occur in a lot of places, more commonly found in the Northeastern United States. The pattern of high acidity is caused by large numbers of cities, the dense population, and the concentration of power and industrial plants. Not to say acid rain doesn't occur anywhere else. Wind carries pollution. The best protection for your car in your vigilance. Making sure to keep your garage clean and clear to ensure your car can sit nicely in covered protection during every storm is your best bet to keep that shine as long as possible. 

There's no better feeling that needing something and knowing EXACTLY where to get it! Keeping your garage organized may seem like a big job but you'll be happy you did it! Having all your tools, garden tools, hoses, ladders etc all in specific places will prevent getting frustrated from having to dig deep into a mess to try and find what you need. Check out THIS handy and inexpensive garage storage organization rack! Totes are also a great tool to help you stay organized. Especially when it comes to storing holiday decorations!

Aw, HAIL! A rain and hail storm just welcomed itself to your city and you parked outside! Damage caused by hail can include dents, broken windows, cracked windshields, and if they are large enough, even engine damage! Not to mention the high winds that accompany storms. Powerful winds can cause trees to fall right where you decided to park your car. Make sure your garage it accessible to protect your car from Mother Nature!

And I'm not talking about those cute little ones who dig through your trash. I'm talking about actually thieves. The one who break your windows to steal your electronics, cash, cards or even your identity. If you leave your car out of your garage overnight, you may be unknowingly welcoming these lowlifes to steal your belongings. Parking in a garage makes your car inaccessible and ensures that what is yours, stays yours!

Having your garage clean, clear and organized can protect more than just your car! Creating a space where you can safely store tools, lawn mower, leaf blowers, weed eaters and more will protect these items. Having them safely stored away prevents rust from the rain, someone stealing them or even someone hitting them with their car! 

Remember, cleaning out your garage is beneficial in so many ways! Disposing of boxes, bags, old Christmas decorations and so much more opens up some much space! Call Bin There Dump That @ 404-692-2838 to learn more about dumpster rentals

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