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Tuesday, 3 March 2020

What is Daylight Saving Time?

What is Daylight Saving Time?

Daylight saving time, also known as daylight time, is the practice of advancing clocks during warmer months so that darkness falls later each day according to the clock. The main use of daylight savings is to make better use of daylight. 

First introduced in April 1784, it was Benjamin Franklin who made the suggestion through his essay "An Economical Project for Diminishing the Cost of Light". His suggestion was largely overlooked until 1907, when it resurfaced, this time by  Englishman William Willett. His proposal was rejected by the British House of Commons, until 1916 where it was introduced to Parliament, creating what was known then as, British summertime. 

The US only starting the tradition towards the end of World War 1 in an attempt to conserve energy. The House of Representatives voted 252 to 40 to pass a law to save daylight. The first official daylight saving time took place on March 15, 1918. Michael Downing, author of "Spring Forward: The Annual Madness of Daylight Saving Time", met the new law with much resistance, a feeling he claims many others shared with him. 

Originally, clocks were sprung forward on the last Sunday in April and turned back on the last Sunday in October, but the Energy Policy Act of 2005 shifted the start of daylight saving time to the second Sunday in March and the end to the first Sunday in November. 

Speaking of Spring, don't forget the with daylight savings time comes spring cleaning! 
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Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Spring Cleaning


spring clean·ing

Dictionary result for spring cleaning

/spriNG ˈklēniNG/
  1. a thorough cleaning of a house or room, typically undertaken in spring.

Spring has been linked to renewal and rebirth for a long time. The changing of weather, from cold and dreadful to bright and sunny presents many opportunities to start fresh. What better place to begin than at home?

While some people may dread the task of giving their house a good scrub down, there are a few health benefits to busting out the broom!


1. Cleaning helps you breathe better.
It may not just be the pollen that comes with Spring that is responsible for your seasonal allergies. Dust and pet dander are big disruptors for people who are prone to allergies. Clutters home tend to gather a lot of these in the cold months of winter. Say goodbye to clutter and say hello to feeling better!

2. Cleaning reduces stress.
The old saying you've probably heard a hundred times, "A cluttered home means a cluttered mind." It's an old belief that our outer environment is often a reflection of our inner, mental state. This being the case, a clean home should enable to you relax and think more clearly! Studies have shown that doing housework for as little as 20 minutes can reduce your stress by up to 20%! 

3. Cleaning is a workout.
The more you clean your home the more exercise you are getting! On average 30 minutes of vacuuming can burn up to 111 calories! If you are feeling sluggish, 20 minutes of low intensity exercise (such as cleaning the house) three times a week can increase your overall energy levels and reduce your fatigue! (by up to 65%!)

4. A clean bedroom equals a good nights sleep.
Your momma knew what she was talking about when she asked you to make your bed every morning. A bedroom poll conducted by The National Sleep Foundation found that 75% of those polled sleep better on a clean sheet with a fresh scent. If you're having trouble catching Zzzz's, try tidying up your room and throwing those sheets in the wash!

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