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Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Sanitized Dumpster Rental

Keeping Dumpster Rentals Sanitary!

What are we doing to keep you & us safe from the Coronavirus/COVID-19

We have taken some additional steps to help protect our customers and employees from the COVID-19.

From the start, we have been social distancing experts!  Our whole operation can be done without any in-person to in-person interaction!  The ordering, pick up, and delivery process can all be done via phone, email, or text.

We have implemented a sanitizing process on every dumpster move.  We will be spraying down the door of every dumpster, every time we touch it.  Also, we are sanitizing the exterior doors (handles, too) when we leave a dumpster at a customer's location.  Our employees will periodically be cleaning and sanitizing their equipment, interior, and exterior of the trucks.

Taking everyone's health and safety is part of our daily operations now more than ever!