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Thursday, 20 February 2020

When to avoid putting a dumpster on the lawn.


When to avoid putting a dumpster on the lawn.

Things to consider, expect, and plan for when putting a dumpster on an unpaved surface. 

The best time to put a dumpster on the lawn or any unpaved is surface is when it is there are no other options. 99% of the time there will some type of evidence that a dumpster and/or a truck has been there.  

One common thing to consider is how will the dumpster get to where you want it?  Is there underground pipes, does getting there require driving over septic tank or lines, sprinklers systems, water lines, sewer lines, overhead power or cable lines, odd or uneven path,  or any other natural or man-made obstacle. Will access require driving off the edge of a driveway or other sensitive surfaces?  Going off and on the edge of concrete or blacktop increases the probability of damage and breaking of the surface.
There are some circumstances when placing a bin on a lawn is 100% a no go.  If there has been raining within the past 3-4 days or a long spell of rain. Also, consider this when the dumpster is scheduled to be picked up.  The ground is naturally wet or moist, uneven terrain, and slope. Driving over a septic tank & lines, sprinkler system, or any other fragile underground lines

The trucks, alone, are about 12,000 lbs and the dumpster empty is 2,000 lbs, for a total of 14,000 lbs! Tires will leave small ruts in the dry ground but will disappear after a couple of rainfalls.  The dumpster will damage grass and vegetation under it if it sits on the lawn for an extended period of time. From personal experience, I had a dumpster place on the side of my driveway for about 10 days and all the grass died leaving a nice brown spot.

We highly recommend avoiding put a dumpster on any unpaved surface unless it is a necessity.  It saves you a headache, time, and money!  If damage to the surface is your concern, let us put down our 100% driveway protection to prevent damage from the roller, rails, and rust marks!

Check out how we protect your driveway!

Thursday, 13 February 2020

What to expect when you're expecting (a dumpster)!

What to expect when you're expecting (a dumpster)!


We all like to save money, so shopping around before making your final decision just makes sense, but remember you get what you pay for! Some dumpster companies may offer you a price lower than others, but sneak hidden costs and fees in when they charge you! To make sure that you are getting an honest quote to be sure to ask these questions:
Are there any hidden fees? Fuel, Environmental.......
Are there any restricted items? Tires, Wet Paint, Freon Items, Matresses or Box Springs....
Are there any items that cost extra?  Matresses or Box Springs
Is there a weight allowance? If so, what is the cost if I go over?
Does this price include dumping fees?  Disposal Fees
Is there a delivery fee?
Do they prevent damage to my driveway?
How do I get the items in the dumpster?  Over the rim or walk-in
What is the post pick up procedures?  Do they clean up where the dumpster was?


Prior to delivery figure out where is the best place to put it. Some considerations are access for the delivery & pick up, low hanging lines, will it require any lines or pipes to be driven over.

You may want to place plywood down on the surface on your driveway to prevent any damage. However, when you rent a bin with Bin There Dump That, we offer 100% driveway protection! We supply the wood and take extra precautions when it comes to your property.


When you are loading a dumpster, you want to place the larger items in the bin first. When it comes to disposing of larger items (such as couches, mattresses, etc) it may be difficult with other dumpsters. Bin There Dump That has double doors on every bin for easy, walk-in loading. There's no need to throw large items over the side, potentially causing injury to yourself. The double doors also come in handy for the organization. Organizing items neatly maximizes the usable space in your dumpster!


When you rent a bin with Bin There Dump That, you get our post-job clean up service. This is a service offered by no other dumpster company. Our driver will sweep up the area where the bin was placed and pick up any debris that he sees! We leave your driveway exactly as it was before we arrived.

As always, Bin There Dump That is the BEST choice for all your dumpster needs!

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Monday, 11 February 2019

Driveway Protection



Bin There Dump That is the only company offering 100% driveway protection. That means OUR drivers lay down the wood before they place the dumpster onto your driveway, ensuring that there is no damage done to your property. With our company providing the wood and training our delivery experts on how to take care of your property we save you time AND money! If you use a dumpster company that does not care for your driveway,  you could be left with rust, cracked concrete, scratches etc. Although purchasing your own wood is an option, using BTDT saves you money by providing the protection! Time is valuable and we know you're busy. You do not have to worry about being present to place the wood out and make sure the driver uses it! With US, every customer gets 100% peace of mind knowing that their driveway is protected.


When it comes to hook lift vs cable, hook lifts provide more accuracy in dumpster placement as well as maneuverability, where as the cable hoist invariably needs more horizontal open spaces to drop and load a container.  Deliveries and pick up are done quicker with a hook lift and do not require the driver to leave the truck, where as in a cable hoist the driver will need to leave the cab to latch the cable onto the front hook. The cable system can only offload from an elevated platform if it is the same height as the rails on the truck and the truck can back up to the platform. As for unloading on a flat elevated dock, cable hoists do not have that capability.


Along with our driveway protection, we also ensure that the dumpsters have no chance of rolling off of the plywood. By adding the stoppers onto the wood, it eliminates any risk of the dumpster rolling off of the protection. 

When the driver arrives at the job site they will exit the cab and place the boards on the driveway. After they ensure that the wood is in the exact location it needs to be, they will then lower the dumpster onto your driveway. The dumpster itself never actually touches your driveway as it rolls onto the wood. The stoppers on the wood prevent it from moving from the location it is placed. 

As always use Bin There Dump That for all your dumpster needs!

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