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Can I place a dumpster in the street in Rockdale County?

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Can I place a dumpster in the street in Rockdale County?

What is allowed?

Renting a dumpster for medium to large home clean-outs and other projects is an excellent idea. We are very flexible about where we set our dumpsters, however, we still must comply with city, county and state laws. If the driveway is large enough we can almost always place a dumpster on private driveways, and parking areas. Some cities or counties will allow dumpsters to be placed on a curb or in city streets either with or without a permit, however, there are some that do not allow dumpsters to be placed anywhere besides private property.

What is not allowed?  

Rockdale County does not have restrictions limiting residents to only be allowed to place a dumpster in their driveway. Rockdale County will allow a temporary rental dumpster to be placed in the street as long as the person who is renting the dumpster applies and receives a permit or written consent. The county wants to be sure they do everything they can to help its citizens by helping to keep everyone safe. Also, as a suggestion, it is always a good idea to look at the HOA for the neighborhood you live in to see if they have restrictions for items in the street and/or the driveway.

  • (a)
    No person shall place or cause to place in any street and/or sidewalk: debris, rubbish,
     irrigation water, boxes, displays, signs, poles, goods, merchandise or any other object
    so as to impede and/or endanger traffic on streets and/or sidewalks unless permitted as
     required in section 18.1.2.
    No person shall be permitted to erect any drain, gutter, downspout, valley, flat or sloping
    roof of any character that will in any manner drain or shed water on any sidewalk.
    No person or company shall construct or maintain a drive, yard or lot constructed of gravel,
     pebbles, or stone in such a manner that vehicles cause loose stones, pebbles or gravel
     to be thrown on to the adjacent street and/or sidewalk.
    All mailboxes constructed in the street right-of-way must conform to United States Postal
    Service standards and must not be constructed so as to be a fixed-object hazard to
    Any personal property placed on the right-of-way following an eviction shall be removed
    within twenty-four (24) hours of physical eviction unless an extension of time is requested
    on behalf of the evicted tenant. For purposes of this ordinance such property is deemed
    abandoned property two (2) hours following eviction unless the landlord by contract
    specifies a shorter time. If the property is not removed within twenty-four (24) hours, the
    city may commence removal and cite the property owner. The penalty assessed shall be
     one hundred twenty-five (125) percent of the cost the city incurs in removing the property.

Where can I find more information?

For more information please contact Rockdale County962 Milstead Ave. Conyers, GA 30012 (Across the street from the Courthouse), at 770-278-7000. They can also be reached via email at

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