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Can I place a dumpster in the street in Hiram?

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Can I place a dumpster in the street in Hiram?

What is allowed?

Renting a dumpster for medium to large home clean-outs and other projects is an excellent idea. We are very flexible about where we set our dumpsters, however, we still must comply with city, county and state laws. If the driveway is large enough we can almost always place a dumpster on private driveways, and parking areas. Some cities or counties will allow dumpsters to be placed on a curb or in city streets either with or without a permit, however, there are some that do not allow dumpsters to be placed anywhere besides private property.

What is not allowed?  

The city of Hiram does not allow dumpsters to be placed on any public property such as the street, or sidewalk. It is against the city code and OCGA: Official Code of Georgia Annotated. They do this in order to promote safety for all their residents of Hiram. If a dumpster were placed on street, it could block the vision of drivers and cause harm to others. Even though the city of Hiram only permits dumpsters on private property there are benefits. A benefit to putting a dumpster on private property versus the street is it will decrease the amount of unlawful dumping. Although unlawful dumping may not seem like an issue it can quickly become an one to you, the person who rented the dumpster because if there are restricted items put in the dumpster the renter could be charged additional fees and may be forced to dispose of the item(s) separately.

No person shall be allowed or permitted to obstruct any sidewalk or street in the city by putting any box, table steps, merchandise or any other thing thereon or to use the streets and sidewalks for the display of goods, wares or merchandise of any kind in such a manner as to impede pedestrian or vehicular traffic. Nor shall the streets or sidewalks be obstructed in any other manner whatsoever.

Where can I find more information?

For more information please contact the City of Hiram, 217 Main ST. Hiram, GA 30141, at 770-943-3726, ext. 2001. They can also be reached via email at

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