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How To Recycle or Dispose of Your Refrigerator

How To Recycle or Dispose of Your Refrigerator

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Can I put a refrigerator in the dumpster?

The short answer is no, it is illegal to dump them!  We cannot haul any items containing Freon. This includes the following items: refrigerators, freezers, dehumidifiers, or air conditioning units. 

Most landfills and/or transfer stations will not accept these items because of the Freon used is hazardous.   If a Freon loaded item is found to be in a dumpster they (landfill/transfer station) will make us load up all the material and go somewhere else with everything! 

What if I drain the Freon & remove the compressor?

The answer is still no. Because the Freon is a hazardous chemical that releases ozone depleting refrigerants in the atmosphere. The removal and capture of the Freon must be done by a professional with a technician certificate. 

How can I recycle my old, working refrigerator?

Check with your local power provider.  Some power companies, like Georgia Power,  will come to you and even pay you to remove the unit!  See below for more info.

If your power company does not provide this service you can always check with your local transfer station or landfill (most counties have one).  The fees for Freon units can run from $10 to $80 per unit.  They will have a company come out (technician certification) and recapture the Freon for proper disposal and then either the same company or another will pick up the units to recycle (metal).

Georgia Power: Recycle Your Refrigerator Program

Georgia Power is offering a limited time Refrigerator Recycling Program. If you have a working unit that you need to be removed, they will pay you $35.00 and properly dispose the unit for you! The specifics are listed below. 

"Eligibility Requirements

In order for your refrigerator to be eligible for a pickup and rebate, it must be a secondary working unit. It cannot be the primary refrigerator for the residence. Reclaim, an appliance recycler, will pick up and recycle refrigerators and freezers that are empty and working. Refrigerators and freezers must be between 10 – 30 cubic feet in size and collection crews will need clear access to the unit. Contractor reserves the right to leave the appliance if removal may cause damage to the property or is otherwise impractical or unsafe. Customers must own the unit(s) being recycled. No purchase of new or replacement refrigerator or freezer units necessary for program participation. Limit two units per Georgia Power residential account per year.  Rebates are available to all Georgia Power residential customers. A check will be issued to the Georgia Power customer and will be mailed approximately 6-8 weeks after the appliance pickup. Rebates must be submitted, processed and received by the customer within one year from pickup date. Owner-occupied single family detached homes, condominiums and town homes are eligible to participate.
Offer valid on units scheduled to be picked up by December 15, 2019."

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