Saturday, 20 July 2019

10 Random Hacks for Random Life Dilemmas

So, the following information may be pretty random, but it may also be just what you need to get through your day! DID YOU KNOW...

1. The taste and smell of gum you chewed while studying will help your brain to remember the info you studied if you chew the same gum during your test!

2. Grape juice can help reduce the risk of migraines.

3. If your jewelry is turning your finger green paint the inner ring with clear fingernail polish!

4. Tired of your ice cream melting out of the bottom of your cone? Stick a marshmallow in the bottom of the cone before you scoop in the ice cream!

5. Make a drip free freezer pack but soaking a sponge, placing it in a zip lock bag and freezing it!

6. Getting rid of that annoying cereal dust at the bottom of the bag can be done by simply pouring the cereal in a strainer before pouring it into your bowl!

7. Avoid wasting a bar of soap by sticking the remaining sliver to the new bar!

8. Using a smaller plate can trick your brain into thinking you ate more than you did, resulting in less overeating!

9. Forget your phone charger on vacation? Look at the TV in your hotel room, most televisions have a USB on the back!

10. Use the clips from plastic hangers as chip clips!

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