Thursday, 6 June 2019

Father's Day

In 1911, 1912 and 1915 three different attempts were made the establish Fathers Day as a holiday. They all failed. It wasn't until 1966 that President Lyndon B Johnson issued a proclamation honoring fathers, designating the 3rd Sunday in June as Father's Day. In 1972, Richard Nixon signed it into law and it was made a permanent holiday. A well-deserved holiday. 

With all the work mothers do and the praise they receive, sometimes the hard work that dads put in might get overlooked. Not today. 

Today take the time to thank your dad. For all the hard work. For all the long, exhausting days at work then coming home to be dad. To help with homework. To fix your bike. To chase you around the yard. To help mom with dinner. To tucking you in and reading you a bedtime story. Or to carrying us to our beds when we fall asleep on the couch. 

Thank you for all the behind-the-scenes work that we never notice as children. Paying bills, changing the oil, cutting the grass, spending 40 hours a week at a place you may not want to be.  Thank you for teaching us to appreciate and love. As much as I owe mom for molding me into who I am today, I owe you just the same. 

Thank you, Dad.