Saturday, 5 January 2019

How To Dispose of Mattresses


We all run across mattresses that have been improperly disposed of. They do not belong on the side of the road, at the bottom of a lake or in a field somewhere. To be responsible you need to dispose of it in safe way, one not causing harm to the earth or making it someone else's problem. 

If you are getting rid of your old mattress, you must have a new one! Ask the store where you have purchased your new mattress if they can haul off your old mattress when they deliver the new one. Some places do this for free and some may charge a small fee. 

Ask your local trash service if they can dispose of the mattress for you.

Check of They have local recycling information available.

You can also use Google to try and find new ideas. It's important to dispose of them properly. 

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