Thursday, 9 August 2018

Can I Place A Dumpster On The Street In Fayetville?

Can I Place A Dumpster On The Street In Fayetville?

What is allowed?

Renting a dumpster for medium to large home clean-outs and other projects is an excellent idea. We are very flexible about where we set our dumpsters, however we still must comply with city, county and state laws. If the driveway is large enough we can almost always place a dumpster on private driveways, and parking areas. Some cities or counties will allow dumpsters to be placed on a curb or in city streets either with or without a permit, however, there are some that do not allow dumpsters to be placed anywhere besides private property.

What is not allowed?  

Fayettville does not allow dumpsters to be placed on any public property or right away under any circumstances. This is to keep its citizens safe. When dumpsters are placed on streets they can become a hazard by creating blind spots.  Keeping dumpsters on private property also helps to prevent unlawful dumping. Although unlawful dumping may not seem like an issue to the city it can become an issue to the person who has rented the dumpster. When there are restricted items in the dumpster the renter could be charged additional fees and may be forced to dispose of the item(s) separately.

Where can I find more information?

If you would like more information on where you may and may not set a dumpster you can always call the Fayetteville Code Enforcement Officer, or Fayetteville Public Works Website or Office. You can also access any and all city codes and ordinances on the Municipal Codes website.

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