Thursday, 21 June 2018

Common Concerns

Common Concerns for Dumpster Placement

Will my slopped driveway be an issue?

We often hear the statement: "My driveway is sloped. Is that going to be problem?".  The quick answer is most likely not; we have never had a driveway we could not put a rental dumpster on due to the incline or decline.  . The slope of the driveway needs to be parallel with the dumpster.  Perpendicular angles can cause the dumpster to lean and tip.  As long as the slope is about the same, there shouldn't be an issue.

 Placing a dumpster on a driveway that is sloped with a flat spot can propose a bigger issue than it being placed on the slope.  When there is a change in the slope the hook on the truck will not line up properly with the dumpster.

Although, the picture does not do any justice, this driveway was very steep but had enough room at the top to place it without any issues.

Can the dumpster be set on my slanted driveway?

How Do I Get A Dumpster?

You can rent one of our dumpsters by contacting a dumpster consultant directly by calling or texting (404)-692-2838, you may also send us an email to

You may also visit our website to view our sizes, or request a quote online.

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