Thursday, 31 May 2018

Peachtree City Dumpster Codes

How to legally place a dumpster on public property in Peachtree City.

What are the laws? 

Rental dumpsters may be placed on public property if the citizen renting the dumpster obtains an encroachment permit prior to renting. These dumpsters may not be placed on city streets, however may be placed on cart paths, right-of-ways, and occasionally sidewalks with a permit. Dumpsters (or any obstruction) may NOT be left over night without prior permission from the Peachtree City Code Enforcement Department. Ordinance code 70-3 is most commonly used for residents and addresses rental dumpsters and various obstructions placed in Rights-of-way, sidewalks, and carts; especially obstructions left over night. Contractors and Roofers should see ordinance code 18-10 for details about what would be considered an unsafe work site in regards to disposal of debris and rental dumpsters. For full ordinance code can be found on the Minicipal Code Website. 
 The Code Enforcement Department of Peachtree city can be contacted through Email at or by phone (770)-487-5731. 

What is an Encroachment permit?

An Encroachment permit is a legal document obtained from the city that allows one to temporarily utilise public space, under the guidance of the permit. This permit also helps keep the city looking nice by assigning the holder responsible for repairing and paying for any damages done to city property by the rental dumpster or various equipment.

How do I obtain a permit?

Peachtree City has two different Encroachment permits, the first is used for Right-Of-Ways and sidewalks, the second is used for Cart Paths.  Both of these permits (as well as others) can be found on the Peachtree City home website under Engineering. These forms and permits are free, and can usually be obtained on a same-day basis.  

Will my Dumpster damage public property? 

All most all dumpsters will cause some form of damage, and could range from rust stains, to gouges and cracks in paved areas. However all dumpsters from Bin There Dump That come with three exclusive features, two of which are our Driveway/Paved area protection and post-job clean up. With these features our delivery experts set down wood planks to help prevent damages to the property, as well as sweep up after picking up the dumpster, to help prevent  there being nothing left behind, as well as allowing us to thoroughly check for any damages so that they may be properly documented and dealt with. 

You can reach Bin There Dump That by phone at (404)-692-2838, Email or on our website our website also has detailed videos illustrating our driveway protection and dumpster sizes. 

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