Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Selecting a Professional Contractor

There are several factors to choosing a general contractor (GC) for your project.  One qualifying step should be checking to see if the contractor is licensed for your job. Whether you're in Atlanta, Marietta, or Roswell the state of Georgia provides an website that you can easily search for any professional license  CLICK HERE.  It is highly recommended that you also get the credentials of sub contractors and verify them.  Not all fields require a license but (not limited to) electricians, plumbers, and residential general contractors do.
Licensed professionals are held to a standard by the state they must pass a state exam, may require higher education credits, continuing education, and re-qualification.

There are professional organizations for just about every licensed profession. These organizations will check and verify the contractor.  They may also require exams, continuing education, and provide continuing education courses. Two great local resources are The National Association of the Remodeling Industry of Atlanta  & Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association.

Always remember to require the contractor to use a Bin There Dump Dumpsters at your house ;)